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…the process of helping people to live more harmoniously with the natural world by…

  • Understanding how ecosystems work
  • Developing a long lasting love and respect for the Earth and its life-forms
  • Reducing their own impact on its natural resources


…a carefully crafted series of learning experiences which …

  • Motivate and pull the learners in
  • Emphasise major ecological understandings
  • Involve exciting tasks that are both 'hands on' and 'minds on'
  • Weave activities together with a clear, easily remembered formula to aid comprehension and retention
  • Transfer the learning tasks to both school and home by developing good environmental habits.

We believe earth education is a serious task but getting to know the natural world is a lifelong adventure full of wonderful experiences and joy.

NEW Earth Education Workshop

Tuesday 20th May 2014

A whole-day workshop led by Ian Duckworth (UK Trainer) in Cardiff Metropolitan University, CF23 6XD

More information can be found on our Workshop page or in this Cardiff Earth Education Workshop flier (large 1.3MB pdf)

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