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the process of helping people to live more harmoniously with the natural world by…

  • Understanding how ecosystems work
  • Developing a long lasting love and respect for the Earth and its life-forms
  • Reducing their own impact on its natural resources


a carefully crafted series of learning experiences which …

  • Motivate and pull the learners in
  • Emphasise major ecological understandings
  • Involve exciting tasks that are both 'hands on' and 'minds on'
  • Weave activities together with a clear, easily remembered formula to aid comprehension and retention
  • Transfer the learning tasks to both school and home by developing good environmental habits.

We believe earth education is a serious task but getting to know the natural world is a lifelong adventure full of wonderful experiences and joy.

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NEW Sunship Earth Summer Camp, Devon

August 25th-29th 2015

Brilliantly conceived by the Institute for Earth Education, the Sunship Earth experience sets out to awaken the feelings and impart the understandings that will help young people better fulfil their responsibilities as crew members of Sunship Earth ie. the planet we live on. The children are supported by a specially trained team of leaders and volunteers to have the very best fun whilst exploring the forest, forging new friendships, gaining deep understanding of natural cycles, and of course developing a healthy nature connection.

Cost: £ 235 including all food and equipment, consessions available.

More information about this Sunship Earth Summer Camp week in Devon can be found in this Sunship Earth flyer (large 1MB pdf) or through Wildwise on 01803 868269 or email

General information about the Sunship Earth programme can be found on our Sunship Earth page.

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